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09 May 2009

A wonderful time at the open house today

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We had a wonderful time at our open house today.

Chap brought some beautiful wines and brandies and an 18 year-old single-malt Scotch whisky that had several of us absolutely speaking in tongues.

Laura Anne made a wonderful coconut cake. I was worried that I might not have room to refrigerate leftovers. I should not have worried.

Ron brought homemade salsa and chips, which were popular in the entire age range of the party (toddler to an aunt and uncle in their late 80s).

It was wonderful to see some old friends and meet some new ones and get everybody introduced to each other. It was especially wonderful to see all of these folks from different tangents of our lives in the mixing bowl of our living room.

Good times, y'all.

And now we're all tired out.

More tomorrow.

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