When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson

20 May 2009

Examine your motives

Funny joke I just heard from a friend who's also a very successful psychologist:

Guy goes to Alaska on a hunting vacation. His second day, he shoots a black bear, and as he's working out how to field-dress his kill, another black bear ambles up and says, "Hey, man, that was my cousin, and I'm really pissed off. I can either maul you to death or have my way with you, and those are your only choices."

Guy considers it for a few minutes, and thinks, basically, how bad can it be? So he submits. Takes him a few weeks to heal up.

Next summer, he goes up and shoots a brown bear. And lo and behold, just as he's walking towards his kill, another brown bear walks over and says, "That was my brother. And now I will either maul you to death, or I can have my way with you." The guy submits again, but this bear is really rough, and it takes him some months to recover.

Summer after that, he shoots a grizzly bear. And, on cue, a big grizzly walks out of the woods over to him, and says...

"Bob, you really need to face this. You're not here for the hunting."

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