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27 January 2005

The Peaceable Kingdom

Getting our cat- (and dog-) blogging in a day early...

Welcome to The Peaceable Kingdom, tiny-New-York-City-apartment version, where, with apologies to the prophet Isaiah, "the dogs and the cat shall dwell together, and the goofy red Chow shall lie down with the tabby." (And a fat man shall feed them, no doubt.)

Here, a pair of candid shots of our animals practicing mutual non-aggression and peaceful coexistence while working together to achieve shared goals, i.e., lying around on the bed:

Chow Bella reclines next to her favorite cat.Posted by Hello

Chow Fun, with a sleepy Mister Gato Posted by Hello

(Earlier Mister Gato information here, here, here and here. See The Modulator and The Carnival of the Cats for more bloggers' cats from around the world.)

Update, 1/30/05: Carnival of the Cats #45 is now up at Watermark.

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