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02 January 2005

Support Iranian dissidents and bloggers

Good friend Chap, over at Chapomatic, picks up on an earlier post by Buzzmachine's Jeff Jarvis and runs with it:
Per Jeff Jarvis, these bloggers are being tortured. They are being forced to make false admissions and confessions.

Mr Hanif Mazruee, Ghoreishi
Ms Fereshte Ghaazi, Naderpoor
Ms Mahboobeh Mollagholi

Per Natan Sharansky, these Iranian dissidents also need our support:

Ahmad Batebi
Siamak Pourzand
Hashem Aghajari

Please pass these names around. Let these people know they are supported out here in the free world. Let their oppressors know their time is coming, and coming sooner than they realize.
Happy to do my part. Here's the original post from persianstudents.org that started the ball rolling.

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