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10 January 2005

Rather as expected

At long last, the report on the Dan Rather/CBS News Texas Air National Guard forged document story (PDF; Acrobat Reader required) has been released. (See the official response from CBS News, also a PDF, here.)

I haven't had time to read through the report thoroughly, but if the national newspaper of record can be believed, the independent reviewers (former Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and former AP executive Louis D. Boccardi) essentially let CBS News off the hook on the question of bias:
While the panelists said they could find no definitive evidence that the network prepared and broadcast the report based on political bias, they cited one instance in which Ms. Mapes "created the appearance of a political bias."
The appearance of bias, but no definitive evidence.

(We pause in our narrative to allow for a moment of silent derision.)

So, let's review the bidding. CBS has fired producer Mary Mapes, and Les Moonves has demanded the resignations of three executives.

But CBS News President Andrew Heyward, and Mr. Rather, still have their jobs.

Business as usual on West 57th. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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