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26 April 2005

I'm not the only one giving up the cookies

Alas, poor Cookie Monster:
Cookie Monster, the biscuit-eating puppet on US children's show Sesame Street, will cut down on his favourite food as part of an anti-obesity drive.

The blue-furred muppet who used to sing "C is for Cookie" will now tell viewers that "A Cookie is a Sometimes Food".

Each episode of the show's new series will begin with a "health tip" about healthy foods and physical activity.

A Sesame Street representative said the popular character would be "broadening his eating habits" in future.

What's next? Are they going to send Oscar the Grouch to charm school? Are Bert and Ernie finally going to come out of the closet and fly off to Vermont for a civil union ceremony? Will Grover go on lithium?

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