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28 April 2005

Conveniently packaged for mailing. Sort of.

Mister Gato makes a point of investigating any cardboard box that comes into the house, and usually "christens" new arrivals by sharpening his claws on them and sleeping in them for a little while.

He is, of course, a rather large cat.

We just got a UPS package from Kiehl's (time to resupply the Tea Tree Oil body wash and the essential Blue Astringent aftershave... it's the little luxuries that count in life.)

Unfortunately, the box wasn't really big enough for Mister G. to comfortably fit inside.

This did not turn out to be a problem.

conveniently packaged for mailing
Mister Gato, side view.

packaged for mailing front view
Mister Gato, front view.

(Photo credit: Carrie.)

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