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05 February 2006

Carnival of the Cats, 98th Edition

Welcome to the 98th Edition of the Carnival of the Cats... or, as we like to think of it, the Super Bowl of Catblogging. Over 60 (!) entries this time around! Yowza.

While you've been buying the beer and getting the chips and salsa ready for the Big Game, the kittycats have been getting ready for their own get-together, right here. Everybody knows that Mister Gato throws a mean wing-ding.

Mister Gato prefers HP products
Come right on in. We've been expecting you.

And now without further ado... on to the cats.

Pride of place in this week's Carnival goes to Mog at Mind of Mog, who engaged in what can only be described as an orgy of catblogging this week. In reverse chronological order, Mog's got:
Whew! (And Mog, we hope you feel better.)

It's a big weekend for reasons other than that football game in Detroit, of course. This is the week that Head Cat-Herder Laurence Simon's Catcall hit the mainstream media--he is now catblogging for the Houston Chronicle, as well as blogging at TBIFOC. (In his regular catblogging this week, Laurence captures Frisky in front of the Tissuecam.)

Chap at Chapomatic uses cats as a visual aid to explain How To Know You Married a Librarian. And the information isn't filed under code 636 in the Dewey Decimal System, "Animal Husbandry," where, incidentally information on cats as pets may be found, or even in the 590s (Zoology.)

(I didn't marry a librarian, but Mom was one.)

Fine artist Bruce Mckay at Bigcatheads - The Blog introduces us to another original cat painting; meet Big Brother.

From Farmgirl Fare: It's New Cat Under Cover. (This is a great rural photoblog that has really exceptionally good dogblogging and livestockblogging as well as cat photos.)

PJ at No Deep Thoughts has a feline buddy named Rhett and also some Lucky Ducks. The main reason the ducks are so lucky is that there's a pretty sturdy-looking screen between them and Rhett.

Valerie at Val's Bien presents Morning in the Sun. Two cats, two sunbeams, no waiting.

Elisson's kitty Matata, at Blog d'Elisson, is Looking for Loofah in all the wrong places. (That may be the problem that James Dobson has had with Spongebob all along!) And, just under the wire, Elisson gets in a second post: Local Royalty.

Clare Eats at eatstuff presents Weekend Cat Blogging 35. Somebody's been knitting for kitties.

The Deputy Headmistress at The Common Room presents Hiding, in which a savvy kitten creates a makeshift fort out of what looks like an old door leaning against the side of a house. (Always take advantage of natural cover!)

Maggie Katzen at maggies meanderings and shameless plugs presents an extreme closeup of Kitty Nose. Awwww. Cute little nose.

Tata at Poor Impulse Control introduces us to Larry, a cat who's a little funny about eating when people are around, and who may be using the magnetic letters on the fridge to try to communicate with us.

Gigolo Kitty presents Snowy White And The Seven Stalkers! (pt 8), part of a continuing series of cat-toons featuring our heroine Snowy.

Speaking of catblogging orgies, there's another prodigious cluster of catblogging from Sissy Willis at Sisu:
Turtleheart at Turtleheart Cove offers up Tested and Approved, in which a crocheted mouse cat-toy gets the Claire Seal of Approval.

Mr. Toast at Wind In The Wire presents That sinking feeling. Tiger looks like he's auditioning for Cats in Sinks!

cat, blogging 1
The entries just keep purring... er, pouring in!

Zuleme at Caturday presents Cats in Black (and little green men). Silas is keeping the world safe from extraterrestrial mice.

Mensa Barbie (love that blog name!) presents Critiquing the Gifts, in which Butterscotch proves a discerning judge of footwear.

The Robot Vegetable offers us a pair of posts. At Far Cartouche, The Foundling Ponders the Erratic Home Computer. And at Middle-Fork, Foundling Ponders the Itch at the Back of Her Ear.

Storyteller at Scribblings presents Feline Friday: Uppers and Lowers. As with household staff, apparently, there are upstairs cats and downstairs cats.

Leigh-Ann at The Blog Pound presents Here's Johnny! in which seven week old Tie auditions for the lead role in the all-kitten remake of "The Shining".

(Brrrr. Nice kitty.)

Catnabbit asks the eternal question, My, My, My. Who is that Pretty Kitty?

Moi at Bloggg presents Friday Cat Bloggging Project Feakin!

tommy at Striving For Average presents The Friday Cat Picture. You can almost see the "Ahhhh" expression on the cat's face as he takes a long drink of water from the tap.

LadyGunn sends us a pair of posts: When Alias Fans Run Amuck (featuring a cat named Sydney - nuff said) and an introduction to Boo.

SB at Watermark presents Illustration Friday: CAT , a truly impressive collection of cat drawings.

Sleeping Mommy introduces us to the utterly adorable Jack Cat, who looks like he could be Mister Gato's younger brother. (If he's sufficiently irascible, they might just be actual kin!)

leucanthemum b at Composite Drawlings presents Catblog timeshare: Stretch and Rizzo. Cats and dogs really can be friends, you know.

Jennifer at All Things Jen wants to let us know about Catster - which she describes (accurately) as Friendster for your CAT!

Hmm, this Catster thing sounds like a good idea...

gato on catster

Romeocat at CatHouse Chat presents Snoozing in the sunbeam (another excellent dual-cat sunbeam nap. That looks so comfortable.)

Carrie Weiner Campbell at Pencil Roving thinks Mister Gato is firmly convinced that Papa's bound to come by for a shirt soon.

Hey! I know that woman. I know that cat, too. Both of them were in bed with me last night.

Allan Courtney at AllanThinks presents Leave. Me. Alone. Tonks: clearly tiring of the paparazzi.

Josh Poulson at Josh's Weblog shows us a situation that looks like it's about to become Kitten on the Keys.

Living in a mixed-mammal menagerie myself, I love seeing all these dog-cat households! Barb at Lucky White Girl presents Friday dog/cat blogging, in which she gets an assist bathing the dog. From the cat.

Ocellated introduces us to his cat The Bruce, a Siamese named after a very famous figure in Scottish history.

And Michael from Curiouser and Curiouser introduces us to friend and muse Tinker.

Peaches at The Peach Pit presents Can I Have Some? (A cat on a kitchen counter is a force to be reckoned with.)

Shhhh! Smoke is sleeping, warns Julie at i-pets.com/blog.

Aloysius at catymology tells us that Cats Know Everything.

Most of our cats could've told us that, I think.

Susan at pages turned presents Substituting cats for groundhogs, in which a bunch of cats and one pug all fail to see their shadows. I think.

Blueberry at Texas Oasis presents Friday Lucky Cat, who ought to bring anyone good luck.

Debra at Manx Mnews shows us Abby (and Ping) and Abby's New Bed.

srp at Melange brings us a pair of posts: Rhett: The Purple Ball and Shoe Adventure and Fluffy Ragdoll.

Ferdinand T. Cat at Conservative Cat is Using (His) Superior Brain

Kitty at Science and Sarcasm introduces us to Casper, who has a kind of snow-leopard thing going on there.

Thomas Warfield at A Shareware Life presents Friday CatBlogging: More Cats Card Set.

And last but not least, Laura Lee Donoho at The Wide Awake Cafe presents Sabby Likes a Room with a View.

Addendum: Two late arrivals, added Sunday evening...

Matt at The Daily Rosie presents Snug as a bug in a rug, meow.

John at StrangeRanger presents A bed with a view...

Addendum to the addendum, Monday morning: In the deluge of entries, somehow we missed one of our favorite blogs, Music and Cats. That's a shame, because Kimberly's blog comes fully equipped with heat-seeking kitties who positively radiate contentment.

Thanks for visiting! And thanks to Laurence Simon, organizer and administrator of the Carnival of the Cats, for letting us host again. Good times.

Be sure to mark your calendars for next Sunday, when the 99th Carnival of the Cats appears at the wonderful blog Watermark. Submitting your entries couldn't be easier: use Ferdinand T. Cat's excellent multi-Carnival online submission form.

(And don't forget the Friday Ark at The Modulator, always an excellent source of blog posts about furry quadrupeds as well as other members of the animal kingdom.)

naptime for gato
I always forget how much work this is!


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