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23 February 2006

Public Service Announcement: Don't leash your cat.

With a tip of the enrevanche chapeau to the good folks at Gothamist, here's some very good advice: Don't Leash Your Cat.

Safe for work if you don't mind some muttered PG-rated language at the end.

Video courtesy of YouTube.

Direct video link: "We've got a wild cat on our hands!"


Blueberry said...

Oh dear! Yes, usually a bad idea! Our Alex actually doesn't mind a leash one bit, but the one time we tried to put a collar (forget the leash!!) on Duncan he reacted something like that, except he also managed to wedge his lower jaw inside the collar. I thought we were all going die a bloody death. Never again.

Sharyn Ekbergh said...

You can see photos of Fergus on a leash at Caturday. He loved going for a walk on a leash and he would get very happy when I got it out. After I got it on him his tail would go straight up and he would head for the door. It was very handy when we were not home because I could let him get some outside in a strange place.