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09 February 2006

Guest cat: Meet Demerara

Demerara is a kind of unrefined light brown sugar long popular in Europe, but not often seen in the United States; it's sort of like turbinado, which US readers probably have seen and/or tasted before (it's the chunky raw stuff in the brown packets at Starbucks, y'all.)

"Demerara" is also the name of a very refined, lovely golden tabby kittycat owned by my dear London friends Bunny and Iain; Demmy introduced himself to me not long after my arrival at their house last week, and after a few polite preliminaries rather imperiously demanded a belly scratch (which, of course, I was only too glad to administer.) He is just as sweet as his name.

(He is one half of a matched pair with the brother of a black cat named "Molasses," not shown, and the brother both are the younger housemates of of "Tufter," who has made a guest appearance on this blog before.)

In this picture, Demerara takes advantage of an empty box to perch comfortably on a mountain of colorful building blocks.

Demerara is king of the mountain (of building blocks)

Mister Gato, who has never met a box he wouldn't try to sit (or sleep) in, would approve.

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1 comment:

srp said...

Miss Clover would also approve.
Mr. Rhett has moved on from boxes to trying his hand.. errr.. paw at cooking. Found him sitting on top of the Forman Grill this morning looking quite pleased with himself.