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16 November 2006

It's tall, it's warm, and it purrs back

Mister Gato's new favorite elevated perch: the quietly humming, heat-shedding top of our refrigerator.

fridge kitty scaled
Tabby cat, towel and fridge magnets sold separately

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jams o donnell said...

Ahh. now that is a cat who is as happy as larry. What more does a cat wask but for comfort and a warm place... and food too, of course!

Gayle Miller said...

It is readily apparent that I must clear the top of my fridge of such things as baskets containing bags of potato chips, my lunch bag, and some clean, unused ashtrays! Tim the bluepoint would ADORE such a place to sleep!

Wouldn't be a bad plan - especially if it kept Tim from annoying the peewadden out of his big brother Sam, the 25# Maine Coon.

How many butt whuppins can one Siamese take?

Anonymous said...

Sadly for the McKittens, our new kitchen has a cabinet directly above the refrigerator. However, they have several lovely warm radiators on which to nap, so I don't feel bad for them.