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28 May 2007

Five questions for Heidi

5/28: Bumped because Heidi has answered these five questions here.

Five questions (well, multipart questions) for Heidi:

(1) You have written very interesting and powerful stuff about basically being an introvert, and yet you are active in the "public poetry" sphere, giving readings and participating in slams and similar open-mike kinds of events, something that even as a wildly overcompensating introvert who can usually pass for an extrovert, I would find absolutely terrifying. What is the experience of reading your work in public like, and what have you learned from it? Do you think it has changed anything in your approach to the world?

(2) Choose any starting point that you like and describe the perfect one-day road trip (taking up to 24 hours, but returning to the point of origin, in other words, not staying anywhere overnight.)

- One week? (With overnight stays.)

- One month? (Ditto.)

(3) Who is your favorite poet that appears in everybody's anthologies of everything?

(4) Who is the single best poet you know of that nobody anthologizes? Where can we find his or her work?

(5) You take great photographs of abandoned places. Obviously, you don't photograph every abandoned property that you encounter. What is it, do you think, about the places you choose to photograph that speaks to you?

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