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31 May 2007

Hi, y'all - from Savannah

Hello from beautiful Savannah, Georgia, where the lowcountry cooking is good, the shellfish run scared, and you get mighty good grits with a room service breakfast.

Downtown Savannah, from across the river on Hutchinson Island
Downtown Savannah, GA as viewed from Hutchinson Island (click to enlarge)

I'm down here at the 2007 Association of Proposal Management Professionals International Conference, and immensely enjoying the opportunity to meet, learn and network.

Helpful hint for any Savannah-bound travelers: a day or two before your arrival in town, book dinner reservations at The Olde Pink House on Abercorn Street. (And order the she-crab soup... you'll thank me later.)

More bloggage soon, as I'm returning to Raleigh tomorrow. I had an epiphany on I-95 that I can't wait to tell y'all about (finally, after all these years, I understand the South!) and a fun conversation with an old-school haberdasher to relate (I stopped on the way down to buy a summer suit.)

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