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04 June 2007

Epiphany at Exit 71

Or, "The scales fell from my eyes on the road to Savannah..."

At exit 71 on the NC stretch of I-95 southbound, there are two gigantic bulletin boards.

The one on the left, says, more or less: JESUS CHRIST IS LORD AND SAVIOR / ACCEPT HIM INTO YOUR HEART TODAY.

The one on the right reads, "TOPLESS! TOPLESS! WE DARE TO BARE! CAFE RISQUE!"

And then, at the bottom, in the biggest letters of all: GOOD FOOD!

No, the epiphany has nothing to do with the juxtaposition of the sacred and the profane in the South; that theme has been done to death, and all you have to do is drive around the outskirts of a small town counting churches and massage parlors and do the math yourself.

Rather, the blinding flash of insight was this:

Only in the South would a "gentleman's club" find it important to reassure you that the cooking was good, too.

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