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17 June 2007

Happy Father's Day 2007

Good friends of ours just had their first child today, on Father's Day (!), and two more good friends have very recently become fathers again for the second time (one has a blog, two don't, all read this one from time to time.)

So Happy Father's Day, gentlemen, and to all of you fathers out there.

Sure do miss the old man tonight.

bob campbell retirement party 1992
Robert E. Campbell (1936-2005)
My Old Man
Steve Goodman

I miss my old man tonite
and I wish he was here with me
With his corny jokes and his cheap cigars
He could look you in the eye and sell you a car.
That's not an easy thing to do,
but no one ever knew a more charming creature
on this earth than my old man.

He was a pilot in the big war in the U.S. Army Air Corps
in a C - 47 with a heavy load
full of combat cargo for the Burma Road.
And after they dropped the bomb
he came home and married Mom
and not long after that
he was my old man.

And oh the fights we had
when my brother and I got him mad;
He'd get all boiled up and he'd start to shout
and I knew what was coming so I tuned him out.
And now the old man's gone, and I'd give all I own
to hear what he said when I wasn't listening
to my old man

I miss my old man tonite
and I can almost see his face
He was always trying to watch his weight
and his heart only made it to fifty-eight.
For the first time since he died
late last night I cried.
I wondered when I was gonna do that
for my old man.

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