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25 June 2007

TechCrunch: Google to acquire GrandCentral

Google is in acquisition discussions with telephone management startup GrandCentral, we’ve learned, and we have a high degree of confidence that the deal has actually been closed. We are trying to nail down the acquisition price.

The basic idea around GrandCentral is “one phone number for all your phones, for life.” As we change jobs, homes and cell phones, there are a lot of phone numbers to keep track of, and keeping everyone up to date with your most recent phone numbers is a real cost. If you use GrandCentral you can give out a single phone number. What happens when that person calls that number depends on his/her relationship to you, and what you are doing at the time.

TechCrunch: Google to acquire GrandCentral

I have been a delighted user of GrandCentral for some months now. Integration points with various Google services are fairly obvious (Gmail, Google Talk, etc.) Sounds like a good plan.

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