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01 September 2008

Central Park Labor Day 2008

Central Park Labor Day 2008
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Carrie and I packed a bag (and an old blue-striped bedsheet to use as a groundcloth) and hung out in Central Park for a few hours today.

Green is such a soothing color to the human eye, and there's precious little of it in the City. Hanging out in the the park is restorative for a lot of reasons.

We found a place to sit in the shade of a big old tree, about 200 meters behind a jazz combo that was playing next to the 72nd St Traverse. The music, and the peoplewatching, were both prime.

I had brought along the newspaper, along with some magazines neither one of us had a chance to read yet. We each got a hot dog from a park vendor, and then, after circumnavigating the Great Lawn and making our way out of the park and back downtown...

Ww had a (very) early supper at the neighborhood diner, which sometimes fancies itself a sophisticated sidewalk cafe. :-)

(The cheeseburgers are still good.)

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