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01 September 2008

Thank God it's not basketball season yet

To truly understand the UNC-Duke rivalry, you have to understand how close together (geographically) the two schools are.

How close are they?
Someone dropped in unexpectedly at the Duke game on Saturday.
About an hour before kickoff against James Madison, two parachutists landed at the 35-yard line at Wallace Wade Stadium with a game ball, according to a story in the Raleigh News & Observer.

The Blue Devils hadn't scheduled the event, however. The jumpers were supposed to land eight miles down the road in Chapel Hill, N.C., before the North Carolina game.

"All we know is, they must have missed their jump site,'' a Duke team official said, according to the newspaper.

UNC assistant athletics director for promotions Michael Beale told the Observer that the plane had decided to cancel the jump into Kenan Stadium due to bad weather. A break in the clouds, however, revealed a stadium and the jumpers made their leap after all. They didn't realize that they were over the wrong stadium until it was too late.

When informed of the gaffe, UNC associate athletics director Rick Steinbacher called Duke to apologize.

"In about five years, maybe this will be funny,'' Steinbacher said, according to the newspaper. "Right now, I'm just glad no one was hurt."
ESPN - Parachutists land at Duke by mistake

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