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24 September 2008

In memory of Chow Fun Campbell Weiner (1996-2008)

We lost an old friend this afternoon.

Chow Fun, the sweetest and gentlest Chow Chow you ever met, was euthanized today at about 1:00 PM.

For the last few days, she'd been having trouble getting her breath. I'm working from Raleigh this week, and wasn't there to help Carrie deal with this... but when Carrie took her to the vet this morning, the vet sent her straight to the critical care animal hospital... where, after taking some x-rays and performing some tests, the very kind doctors there diagnosed advanced, diffuse, metastatic cancer.

She went peacefully, and without pain.

Here are some pictures of our lovely yellow dog in happier times:

L'il Chow Fun, 1996

gato getting tired of waiting
Chow Fun and Mister Gato, 2005

Chows Guarding the Entryway July 2008
Chow Fun (foreground) and Chow Bella guarding the doorway, 2008

Chow Fun was a Good Girl, who loved her family, always took her guard duty seriously, and a true chow-hound, too (she took such pleasure in treats, and nothing would make her happier than a bite of leftover scrambled eggs from Sunday breakfast.)

She will be missed, and grieved... not just by Carrie and me, but by Chow Bella and Mister Gato.

Bella and Fun were littermates who have never, until just now, been separated... but the cat also developed a special bond with Chow Fun over the years. I often caught them snuggling quietly when they thought nobody was looking. :-)

I am not the type who goes in for that gooey, treacly Rainbow Bridge stuff (if you are, absolutely no offense is intended.)

But mister, if there aren't dogs in your Heaven, I ain't going.

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