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03 October 2008

A study in contrasts

The staff at the Vancouver (BC) Hyatt are the dog's bollocks (that's good, kids.)

This morning, while arranging our transfer to this hotel, I had a frank chat with the reservations agent about the lousy experience we were having so far at the Other Hotel, and I do believe she took it to heart.

She arranged early check-in for us, and when we made our way down the street and around the corner to the Hyatt, we were greeted by hyper-competent, professional staff who barely let us draw a breath by ourselves from the moment we walked in the door.

Five minutes after we presented ourselves, we were all checked in.

Ten minutes after we showed up, we and our luggage were in our room, our car was safely stashed in the underground garage, both laptops were hooked up to the hotel's high-test wireless broadband Internet, and we were being soothed by the traffic noises of downtown Vancouver from the open sliding glass door to our small balcony...and the noises produced by "party shuffle" on Carrie's iPod nano, which slotted into a stereo set up specifically to receive it.

Here's the clincher: the hotel rooms? Cost the same.

We had a lovely morning walking around downtown (a few pix are below), and after a short nap (a key feature of any Campbell vacation is the regularly scheduled mid-afternoon disco nap), we're heading out again.

Dinner tonight is going to be Malaysian. There's this place nearby that's famous for (among other things) their mango and okra salad... and the seven-course tasting menu for two is $25 each.

Canadian. :-)

Carrie at Burrard Inlet; North Vancouver, BC in backgroun
Carrie at Burrard Inlet; North Vancouver, BC in background
Barry at Burrard Inlet; North Vancover BC on the far shore
Barry at Burrard Inlet
Vancouver BC waterfront
Vancouver Waterfront
North Vancouver, BC
North Vancouver, BC (across Burrard Inlet)

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