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21 April 2005

I'd love to work as an architect, actually

A follow-up to an earlier post.

The headhunter come-ons continue apace, more signs of an improving economy.

Some of them are downright bizarre. Here's a feckless fellow who did a keyword search that turned up an ancient resume of mine containing the term "information architecture," didn't bother to, you know, actually read the resume, and proceeded to spam my inbox with a half-literate get-acquainted letter:
We are [company name] of [a really ghastly NYC suburb out on Long Island] with 25 years experience. If you are looking for an opportunity as an Architect, please send your e-mailed resume to [my equally clueless colleague/minion.] Call at [redacted.]
My response:
Hi, [clueless] (and [clueless's minion]),

Wow, I'd love to work as an architect. The trouble is, I have no training (formal or informal) as an architect, have never designed or built anything in my life unless you count a bird-feeder when I was a Boy Scout, and certainly have never worked as an architect.

But big buildings and cool houses absolutely fascinate me.

If you're still willing to consider me as a candidate for jobs in architecture on that basis, let's talk!

Best regards,

Barry Campbell

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