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11 June 2005

Ed Mitchell IS at the Barbecue Block Party

Up-to-the-minute, vital and accurate intel from the culinary front lines:

Ed Mitchell, God's Own Pitmaster, is in fact at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party this year. (We blogged about Mr. Mitchell's legal and financial problems last week.)

Here's a report from user "Bob192" at the excellent site Chowhound.com:
Just walked past, [Mitchell's] got a whole line of cookers smoking away, on Madison, just north of 23rd. The first tub of ready 'que is already on the table, and he does have a crackerjack organization, so I'm sure things will start moving very quickly at the stroke of noon. Try it the eastern N.C. way, on a bun, with coleslaw to slake a bit of the vinegary edge. There'll probably be little tubs of sauce if you want extra.
Oh yeah, baby. Don't stop.

Today I'm stuck working at home, but we'll be at the Block Party all day tomorrow (Sunday.) Meeting like-minded friends there, and I'll be doing some recorded soundseeing for the podcast. Expect a report at a near-pornographic level of detail.

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