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25 June 2005

Kansas City restaurant recommendations

For our good friend Chap at Chapomatic, who is making an overnighter to Kansas City on business...

I am not a Kansas City expert by any means, but wife Carrie is from KC and has a lot of family still living there.

Here's a short list of places we've enjoyed recently.

If you're going to KC, you've gotta eat some barbecue. The traditionalists adore Arthur Bryant's, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but for our money Fiorella's Jack Stack (multiple locations in metro KC) is the way to go.

Arthur Bryant's
1727 Brooklyn Avenue
Kansas City, MO

Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue (this is the location we go to; there are others)
13441 Holmes (135th & Holmes)
Kansas City, MO

When you go--whichever place you go--make sure to get an order of the burnt ends. These are little carbonized nuggets of brisket and they are entirely fabulous. (Sorry for my choice of adjectives. It's Pride Week and my not-so-latent "fabulous" side is coming out.)

Stephenson's Apple Farm
is a good family-style joint.

Stephenson's Old Apple Farm Restaurant
16401 E US Hwy 40
Kansas City, MO

Stroud's has fried chicken to die for, but waits can be long. Worth it, though.

1015 E 85TH St
Kansas City, MO

Finally, if you're in the mood for upscale Italian, uber-restaurateur Lidia Bastianich has an outpost in Kansas City that is easily the equal of any high second-tier or low first-tier Italian joint in NYC:

Lidia's Restaurant
101 W 22nd St
Kansas City, MO

This thread from "Ask Metafilter" may also be of some use to you.


j.d. said...

Don't forget Johnny Cascone's, two locations one at about 99th and Metcalf (?). Don't inquire about the bulges under the men's jackets, if you catch my drift.

If upscale is not something you care about, one of my favorites is Gates, with five locations in the Metro.

Another favorite down by the KU Med Center on State Line is Jazz: A New Orleans Restaurant.

Barry said...

Oh yeah - Gates' is tops, I was very remiss in leaving that out.