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06 June 2005

A flood of European carpetbaggers

From the Hindustan Times, June 6, 2005:
"Indian call centers to swell with foreigners soon"

Indian call centre workers, often victim to racial abuse and rude behaviour from British and American customers, are facing a new threat as professionals from all over the world, especially Continental Europe, are relocating to India to work in local BPO companies.

"There will be a potential demand for over 160,000 foreign language professionals in the Indian offshoring industry by 2010," say analysts at the research firm Evalueserve. Evalueserve estimates that currently between 20,000 to 30,000 expatriates are believed to be working nationwide.
I've always liked a little slice of irony with my breakfast coffee. IT workers of India, beware the invading European hordes!

By the way, I'm sure it's just the compulsive copy-editor in me, but note the cultural schizophrenia in the spelling of the word "center" in the headline vs. article body. The writer can't decide whether he's writing to British or American standards.

As my astute buddy Rob observes: "Note the term 'threat' being used ... so now they're protectionists? Human nature is the same everywhere and everyone is a hypocrite.''

(Just for the record, Rob isn't against outsourcing in principle, and neither am I.)

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