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24 June 2005

Flame Warriors

Mike Reed, clearly a battle-scarred veteran of discussion forums on the Internet(s), is back with a greatly expanded set of Flame Warrior Profiles. The descriptions of each archetype are pointed and priceless, but it's Mike's illustrations that really make these wonderful.

Here's one that hit a little close to home for me:
Capitalista is not always a wealthy fat cat; being a Capitalista is a state of mind rather than a reflection of affluence. A strident and extraordinarily self–satisfied Warrior, Capitalista takes every opportunity to extol the superiority of the free enterprise system and has a powerful aversion to the welfare states of Europe. Capitalista fiercely defends the market economy, bludgeoning “fuzzy-minded socialists” with Adam Smith, Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek. Though rather limited in his range of interests, Capitalista’s command of carefully selected historical facts, abstruse statistical comparisons and arcane economic theory make him a formidable foe.
(brightly) Anybody want coffee?

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