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30 September 2006

Language hacking

After a "meh" experience with a set of Berlitz CDs and workbooks, I'm embarking on a new language-learning adventure.

Did an extended online demo of the Rosetta Stone language software last week, and was very impressed with it; have just popped for a couple of Latin American Spanish teaching modules, which will, if nothing else, enable me to converse with a wider variety of neighbors in NYC.

Rosetta Stone appears to me to be everything that language instruction should be: fully immersive, self-paced, and designed to "trick" you into learning the patterns and flow of the language before getting into the grammatical rules (which will be much easier to understand once the patterns have encoded themselves in your noggin.)

I think Carrie wants to buy the Rosetta Stone Italian set.

Hint: Amazon knocks at least 10% off the list price; you're better off buying there than at the corporate Rosetta Stone site.

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