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21 September 2006

Today's wakeup playlist

Bought myself a new toy the other day - one of the new 8GB iPod Nanos (in stylish matte black.)

This is only the third portable MP3 player I've ever owned. A pathological early adopter, as I've written about before, I bought a 64MB (!) Creative player back in the day when they were about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It has long since gone on the ash-heap.

For the last few years, I've used a 1GB flash-memory-based iRiver model that could also record in stereo; I'm hanging on to it, as it's ideal for doing discreet field recordings for podcasts (and I do intend to get back to those one day.)

Even though my wife is an enthusiastic iPod user, I resisted the siren song as long as I could... but the new crop of Nanos pushed me over the edge.

This morning's wakeup playlist:
(I Love It When You) Call Me Names -- Joan Armatrading
(You Caught Me) Smilin' -- Sly & the Family Stone
99 Problems -- Jay-Z + DJ Danger Mouse
Better Git It in Your Soul -- Charles Mingus
Bitch -- The Rolling Stones
D.M.S.R. -- Prince
Fight the Power -- Public Enemy
Move -- Miles Davis
New Sensations -- Lou Reed
Sledgehammer -- Peter Gabriel
What's on your iPod this morning? (Or MP3 player of choice, if you haven't drunk the Apple-flavored Kool-Aid.)

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