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09 September 2006

Review in brief: Proposal Guide for Business and Technical Professionals

If you respond to RFPs or have any part in the proposal writing process, the Shipley Associates Proposal Guide for Business and Technical Professionals will be worth every penny of the $60 you pay for it (Amazon price as of September 2006.)

It is not a tutorial or a "how to" guide; rather, it's a reference book that contains articles (like encyclopedia entries) on topics of interest to proposal writers, and also captures industry-consensus best practices for proposal preparation.

The certification exams for the Association of Proposal Management Professionals use this book as one of the basic texts, and there's a good reason for that. Shipley Associates, the consulting firm, has taught organizations all over the world how to win business by writing better proposals and RFP responses, and a lot of their knowledge and experience is condensed and present in these pages.

I've been writing proposals for years now, and while I don't agree with every single statement in this book, I also have to admit that, with all of my experience, I picked up some good pointers and am rethinking my approach in certain areas.

The approach is geared towards the production of large, multimillion-dollar proposals, but even if you're not writing proposals of that complexity, you'll still get a lot out of it.

Highly recommended.

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