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11 November 2006

Final day of Project Valour-IT blogger fundraiser

Today, Veterans' Day, is the final day of the Valour-IT blogger fundraiser.

Team Navy hit our $45,000 target at approximately 11:30 EST on Friday and at that point many Navy bloggers began giving "fire support" by switching their donation links to the Marine Corps, in honor of the Corps' 231st birthday. (Apparently this worked really well, as the Corps has now pulled ahead in the friendly competition over fundraising numbers! The wonderful thing is that, interservice bragging rights aside--and as a civilian I don't have a dog in this fight anyway--all the money goes directly to providing laptops for injured troops.)

Again, big thanks to all the enrevanche readers who donated money to this very worthy cause. A bunch of wounded veterans with hand and arm injuries are going to have voice-activated laptops to use because of you.

If you haven't given, there's still time:

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