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03 November 2006

Valour-IT in the news

The Valour-IT fundraiser makes the Army Times:

A competition is raging among Internet bloggers to see who can raise the most money for voice-activated laptops that will be given to severely disabled service members.

The Veterans Day competition, which is organized by Valour-IT, began Monday. Its goal is to raise $180,000 in 10 days; as of Thursday morning, the total was up to $51,068.

Bloggers compete to raise cash for computer charity (Army Times, 2 Nov 06)

Thanks to all the enrevanche readers who have stepped up to the plate; if you haven't given yet, please consider doing so. Valour-IT provides voice-activated laptops for wounded veterans with severe arm and hand injuries; to donate, or for more information, consult the upper-right-hand corner of this blog's sidebar.

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