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07 November 2006

Valour-IT: Double your donation, limited time only

Update, 9 November 9:45 PM EST:

The enrevanche Valour-IT challenge has maxed out. After friend Chap linked to us at Milblogs, a few late donations came in tonight to push our total match to the $500 limit.

Thanks to all! As promised, I've kicked $500 matching funds into the kitty.

The Valour-IT blogger fundraising drive wraps up this Friday, November 10th, the day before Veterans' Day. With four full days to go, the Navy team is not quite halfway to our fundraising target of $45,000 (and the other teams, while doing somewhat better, are also lagging behind.)

enrevanche readers--and these are just the ones I know about, the ones who have reached out to me and told me they've given; I have no way of knowing who has given what to whom, as Soldiers' Angels and PayPal keep that information completely confidential--have given well in excess of a thousand dollars to the fundraising effort, and for that I thank you kindly.

We've had donations ranging from a few bucks to an individual who donated the full cost of a new laptop ($800), and the Team -- and the wounded veterans who will benefit from your donations -- appreciate every last cent.

I know, from volunteer fundraising experience with political campaigns and public radio stations, that a lot of support comes in at the very end.

So let me sweeten the pot a little for you.

If you click the "donate" button in the upper-right sidebar of this blog and make a PayPal donation to Valour-IT between now and noon (EST) Friday, November 10th, I'll match it dollar for dollar, up to a total match of $500.

Just drop me an e-mail that says "I'm an enrevanche reader and I gave $x."

Remember, you have to tell me that you've donated; I have no way of knowing this, because the details of your donation and the fact that you've made one at all are both completely confidential; Soldiers' Angels will list your first name and the state you're from on their leaderboard, and that's it.

If you want to forward me your PayPal receipt, that's fine, but I'm also comfortable doing this on the honor system; however perverse and misguided some of y'all might be :-), my experience of you all during the last few years has indicated that you're an honorable bunch.

If you've been on the fence about giving, or if you feel like what you can afford to give won't make a difference (it will! it will!), here's a chance to double your donation automatically, but it's good for a limited time only. Noon Friday is the deadline.

Let's get cracking. And as we all go off to vote today, let's bear in mind that freedom isn't free.

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Maj Pain said...

Good job my friend! Semper Fi!