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21 November 2006

Portable Apps Suite

Take your entire (Windows) computing environment with you on a USB key with the Portable Apps Suite.

Suddenly, any computer that has a USB port becomes *your* computer--with your browser bookmarks, your e-mail, your IM settings, and so on.

Applications in the Portable Apps Suite (which takes about 260MB of room unpacked and runs fine on a 512MB drive) include:
PortableApps Suite (Standard Edition): ClamWin Portable (antivirus), Firefox Portable (web browser), Gaim Portable (instant messaging), OpenOffice.org Portable (office suite), Sudoku Portable (puzzle game), Sunbird Portable (calendar/task manager) and Thunderbird Portable (email client) and runs comfortably from a 512MB drive.
A "lite" version that requires about 100MB of space and runs comfortably on a 256MB drive is also available... but considering that 1GB USB keys are now selling for under $20 (as of this writing, Fry's is selling a Memorex USB flash drive for $18, no rebate required), and that the applications are completely free (being open-source freeware), this is one of the best deals of all time for anyone who travels and would rather stick a USB drive on their keychain than lug a laptop around.

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