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14 November 2006

Tierney exits the Times Op-Ed page

John Tierney, the one consistently interesting columnist on the New York Times op-ed page, is moving on: not leaving the newspaper, but trying a different beat:

Whatever [the new Congress does over] the next two years, I won’t be here to kick them around. This is my last column on the Op-Ed page. I’ve enjoyed the past couple of years in Washington, but one election cycle is enough. I’m returning full time to the subject and the city closest to my heart: science and New York. I’ll be writing a column and a blog for the Science Times section.

I hate to abandon my libertarian comrades here fighting in the belly of the beast, but this is the right moment to leave. After six years of libertarians reluctantly electing Republicans as the lesser of two evils, we’ve finally had enough. We’ve voted out big-government conservatism, and the result is the happy state of gridlock. For now, our work is done. See you in January in a new column on a new page.

Bring On The Seinfeld Congress (John Tierney, New York Times, Nov 14, 2006)

At least, one hopes, he won't be behind the TimesSelect firewall any more, and he's definitely trading up by moving back to NYC.

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