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23 April 2008

How to lose a sure thing

After listening to four hours of Pennsylvania election commentary on CNN (the TV was on as background noise while I worked), I now feel qualified to opine publically about anything and everything. I couldn't possibly do worse.

Coverage of this election cycle has been generally awful, and with rare exceptions (see: David Gergen) last night on CNN was more of the same.

There's just not enough to talk about to fill the hours of airtime on a 24/7 cable news channel, so that's a guaranteed font of babbling vacuity... but with the newspaper business in deep malaise and decline, the journalists who used to turn out crisp reporting and analysis on deadline seem to be missing in action.


Hillary came within six tenths of a point of getting the 10 point victory she needed to "stay alive" in the primary... when you're virtually eliminated mathematically from being selected as the nominee, I'm not sure what kind of life it is, but she's still in it.

Last fall, if you had presented me with *any* scenario in which the Republicans won the White House in November, I'd have dismissed you as a fantasist or a paranoid, depending on your point of origin on the political spectrum.

I did allow at the time, however, that if any political party could figure out a way to lose a sure thing, it would be the Democrats.

Damned if they aren't working on it.

This bitter, brutal, and fratricidal primary looks to continue for several more weeks, if Hillary can raise enough money on the strength of her showing last night. And if enough bitterness is engendered between and among Clinton and Obama partisans, that could be the margin of defeat for the Democrats in November, right there.

John McCain must not be able to believe his luck.

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