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17 April 2008

Words fail me

People are too trusting, especially when there’s chocolate on the line.

A survey out today by the organizers of the tech-security conference Infosecurity Europe found that 21% of 576 London office workers stopped on the street were willing to share their computer passwords with a good looking woman holding a clipboard. People were offered a chocolate bar in exchange for the information. More than half of the people surveyed said they used the same password for everything.
Security is No Match for Chocolate and Good Looking Women (WSJ Technology Blog)

"Attractive woman holding clipboard and offering chocolate" works on men *and* women, by the way:
61% of workers surveyed shared their birthdates and a similar number – 60% of men and 62% of women – shared their names and telephone numbers.
Come on, kids. Let's be safe out there. Resist the siren song of Cadbury Dairy Milk, don't use the same password for everything, and for God's sake don't share personal information with strangers, even (especially!) hotties "taking surveys."

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