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25 June 2008

Don't let me catch you again with a Marlboro, son. Now, pass the hash pipe.

The Dutch, bless them, are about to implement the reductio ad absurdum of anti-smoking laws. As Reason's Hit and Run blog reports:
A Dutch ban on smoking in businesses open to the public takes effect on July 1, and owners of marijuana-selling "coffee shops" are worried. They're not worried because the ban will prevent their customers from smoking pot. Although the combustion products of any dried weed include toxins and carcinogens, cannabis is exempt from the law, which is ostensibly aimed at protecting employees. It's hard to see what purpose this disparate treatment serves, aside from horrifying American conservatives with the prospect of a topsy-turvy world in which you can smoke pot but not tobacco. But since European pot smokers often mix tobacco into their joints, The Independent reports, coffee shop operators are afraid the smoking ban will cut into their business...
"I Swear, Officer, It's Only Marijuana!" (Hit and Run)

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