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18 June 2008

Thank you, John Scalzi...

...for writing these eminently sane observations on the same-sex marriage issue:
First and foremost, the idea that marriage in general needs to be “protected” by denying it to same-sex couples is ridiculous, just as it was when people believed that marriage needed to be “protected” by denying it to interracial couples. Second and more specifically, the idea that my marriage needs to be protected by a bunch of hyperventilating ninnies in the midst of a queer panic makes me want to retch. Please do keep your clammy, quivering, homophobic fingers off my state of matrimony, if you please. My marriage has not once been threatened by same-sex marriage; heck, I’ve been to Massachusetts at least four times since same-sex marriage was made legal in that commonwealth. Roving bands of same-sex married couples did not trample my marriage rights while I was there. But even more specifically, claiming to “protect” marriage when in fact you are intent of destroying potentially thousands of loving, legal marriages is an abomination.
As a blissfully happy, married, heterosexual male, all I have to add is: Amen, brother.

The notion that my marriage is going to somehow be diminished by allowing gay couples to get married is egregiously, noxiously offensive.

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