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17 June 2008

Stories from The Show

An exquisite, sentimental masterpiece by Dave Sheinin in today's Washington Post:
To get an audience with the oldest living ex-major leaguer and the last remaining ex-teammate of Babe Ruth's, you agree to show up at the retirement community where he lives, at a precise time that falls between his morning and afternoon naps, and that also happens to be lunchtime. In the clubhouse dining room, you take a seat to his left, because that's his good ear. And of course, you'll have what he's having -- a hot dog with onions and a little bit of ketchup, and an iced tea -- because, hey, he's nearly 100 years old and ought to know by now what's good.
Meet Bill Werber, who played eleven seasons in the majors alongside players like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig: Ex Big-Leaguer Werber Has Many Stories To Choose From (Washington Post, 17 June 2008)

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