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10 June 2008

Hey, careful where you point that thing...

The proprietress of Magick Sandwich just got some bad news--she's not moral enough to participate in BlogRush:
This message is to inform you that
we have carefully reviewed your blog:
Magick Sandwich
And your blog did not meet the
strict BlogRush quality criteria.

Reason Your Blog Wasn't Approved:
Inappropriate Content Or Advertising: Obscene or Disgusting
Naturally, she was delighted:
Oh my God, this is so exciting- my content is obscene or disgusting! Not to quibble, but obscenity and disgust aren't mutually exclusive are they?

But this is not a wholesale rejection- oh, no. If I can "improve the quality" of my blog, I can reapply after thirty days. Does this mean I just need to be more tastefully obscene? What does this word mean, anyway?
It's a new blog, but it shows a lot of promise, and a certain twisted sensibility that I think enrevanche readers (both of you!) will enjoy.

(I can't imagine what the bluenoses at BlogRush were objecting to. Oh, wait...)

Blogrolled: Magick Sandwich.

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