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31 August 2008

Gilding the lily

31 Aug: Updated, because I mangled Greg's comment in the original version.

Greg sends:
Cats love cardboard boxes, but they don't look nice strewn around the house—so the Evil Mad Scientists DIY site details how to assemble a hilarious cardboard box "chaise lounge" for your favorite kitty. All it takes is a few boxes and some cutting and folding, and they offer a PDF pattern download to get it just right. Once your feline's chaise is done, she'll love having a cardboard box to lounge in and you'll have a conversation-starter in your liviing room.

Lifehacker: Weekend Project: Make Your Own Cardboard Cat Chaise (30 August 2008)

Greg comments: "Every cat I have ever known is perfectly happy with the original box."

Me too.

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