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31 August 2008

Be everywhere now

Quicksilver fans, rejoice: a new project, Ubiquity, takes the Quicksilver experience and places it on any platform that can run Firefox.
Ubiquity is an experimental Firefox extension that gives you a powerful new way to interact with the Web.

You're used to telling Firefox where you want to go by typing Web addresses into the URL bar:

With Ubiquity installed, you'll be able to tell Firefox what you want it to do by typing commands into a new Ubiquity input box.

The commands are pretty straightforward, but you can define your own and then chain them together and do things that are pretty mindsnappingly powerful.

Having a browser that "understands" natural language has enormous potential. Ubiquity is in the earliest of prototype stages, but seems stable and is already a useful tool in my online kit.

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