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06 January 2009


Chap is cautiously optimistic about Foreign Policy's new online strategy:
Foreign Policy’s new blog makeover includes significant contributions from some heavy hitters in its lineup: Tom Ricks (check his quote of the day, Jim), John Nagl, Dan Drezner, and so forth. I’m a bit of a contrarian, not that y’all care–I don’t like the Economist or FP’s print version all that much. However, if the online version includes a partnership with the Small Wars Journal and articles like this one, which includes an interview with General Petraeus, then I’m bookmarking it.
Chapomatic: Blog Relaunch at Foreign Policy (6 January 2009)

I believe FP's new online direction to be a direct result of the Washington Post Company's purchase of Foreign Policy last fall--FP is now officially part of The Slate Group of online publications.

Say what you will about WaPo; they "get" the Web.

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