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24 January 2009

This is a hell of a trick if you can pull it off

Jim Leff, on reconciling being a professional critic (in his case, a restaurant critic) and accepting things as they are:
...I found the key in a story written by a woman who'd worked as a driver for some Buddhist monks traveling around California for a series of meditation programs. The monks had fallen crazily in love with a certain brand of coffee they'd discovered during the trip. But while they practically jumped for joy whenever they came upon some, she found it interesting that they never showed the slightest trace of disappointment if they failed to find any. Even when days went by without finding their coffee, they were no less happy. It began to dawn on her that if they never drank that coffee again, it wouldn't bother them in the least. Yet each time they found it they positively basked in the delight.
The Monks and the Coffee (Jim Leff's Slog)

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