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29 January 2009

Run for cold climate!

An Austin road sign meant to warn motorists about road conditions instead read: "The end is near! Caution! Zombies ahead!"

Vandals broke off a lock on the sign in central Austin early Monday and then hacked into the computer to change the words, said Sara Hartley, a city spokeswoman.

caution zombies ahead
When they were done, the sign read: “The end is near! Caution! Zombies ahead! Run for cold climate!”

Before leaving, the vandals reset the password so the city could not easily change the sign. The sign's humorous warning stayed up for several hours before the manufacturer of the computer could reset the password.
Austin road sign warns motorists of zombies (Dallas Morning News, 29 Jan 2009)

I'm sorry, but I must point out that the sign flashes three messages in sequence, not a single line of text:

The End
Is Near


Run For

liberally seasoned with exclamation points.

I know that tampering with signs intended to enhance the public safety is Not Cool but OMG that's funny.

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