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13 January 2009

If you're a Mac person looking for a laptop, here's a deal

This is not paid advertising, but I've done business with these folks myself, found them to be pleasant and competent, and wanted to bring this to your attention:

Small Dog Electronics (an operation specializing in Macintoshes) has available for sale about fifty refurbished first-generation white MacBooks (with one-year Small Dog warranty) for $599. 1.83Ghz Core Duo, 80GB hard drive, 1 GB RAM. I would add a gigabyte of RAM (cheap these days) and you'd have a very nice machine for not much money.

In fact, you could add a honking big hard disk for not much money, too:
MacBook 13in 1.83GHz 1GB/60/combo/AP/BT white (Used, 1 year Small Dog warranty) $ 599.99
PC5300 SO-DIMM 1GB DDR2-667 - Ram Module (New, never used, 10 year factory warranty) 2 @ 39.99 = $ 79.98
250GB 2.5in SATA Hard Drive 5400 RPM (New, never used, 3 year factory warranty) $ 99.99
($60 more would get you 500 GB - personally I'd go for it.)

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