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02 June 2005

Call for entries: Carnival of the Cats #63

Carnival of the Cats #63 is being hosted here this week. It'll go live on Sunday evening, June 5 at around 7PM EDT... the Enrevanche Catblogging Support Centre in Bangalore is working overtime.

Your submissions are invited and encouraged. There are three ways to get them in:
  1. The best way is to use the most excellent Multi-Carnival Submission Form developed by Ferdinand T. Cat's pet, Bruce.

  2. You can also mail your entries directly to cats-at-isfullofcrap.com...

  3. ...or, if you prefer, to enrevanche-at-gmail.com.
Be sure to drop by and check the Carnival out on Sunday evening or Monday morning. More pretty kittycats than you can shake a stick at.

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