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15 June 2005

Dorian @ Kenny's Castaways, June 18th

Many of you have written to tell me how much you enjoyed hearing New York City singer-songwriter Dorian, who was featured on our May 15 podcast (MP3 link.) In fact, it remains the most popular edition of our podcast to date.

I am pleased to announce that those of you in the greater-New-York-state-of-mind area can hear Dorian live and in person this Saturday night, June 18, 7PM at Kenny's Castaways (157 Bleecker Street, between Thompson and Sullivan Streets, in the Village.)

The cover charge is $5, and for that princely sum you can hear not only Dorian's set but quite a few other bands as well. Come on out and hear some great music... for once, you won't have to deal with the Washington Square Park crush of Eurotrash tourists (and undercover officers from the Sixth Precinct posing as dope dealers) to hear Dorian play!

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