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28 June 2005

Google Earth

A while back, I blogged about Google's purchase of the innovative satellite imagery and mapping company Keyhole, and later I speculated a little about what improvements or additions might be in the works, after the introduction of Google Maps.

Good God, y'all

Check this out:

The proverbial view from 50,000 feet
The proverbial view from 50,000 feet.
Well, 7,000 and change, actually.

Google Earth streams the world over wired and wireless networks enabling users to virtually go anywhere on the planet and see places in photographic detail. This is not like any map you have ever seen. This is a 3D model of the real world, based on real satellite images combined with maps, guides to restaurants, hotels, entertainment, businesses and more. You can zoom from space to street level instantly and then pan or jump from place to place, city to city, even country to country.
The application (a 10MB download) is Windows-only at this time, and if you've got an older computer or a dialup connection you're probably out of luck. But if you're on a newer machine and you've got broadband, check this puppy out right now.

Did I mention that it's free? (Or that a version with GPS overlay capabilities can be had for $20?)

P.S. Check out these common sightseeing locations.

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