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31 October 2005

It's on!

I can live with the Alito nomination pretty happily. He's eminently qualified, has plenty of intellectual heft, and from what I've been able to learn about him since this morning, seems like he'd make a fine Justice.

I can tell you who's turning backflips right now, though... ecstatically happy beyond their wildest dreams...

The political fundraisers.

On the right and the left. The nomination of "Scalia Lite" is just the kind of polarizing political event that everyone from James Dobson to NARAL dreams about.

They're going to prolong the mudslinging and namecalling just as long as possible, in order to whip their respective constituencies into a frenzy of check-writing indignation.

As a South Park conservative, I was utterly delighted to hear Nina Totenberg observe this morning during NPR's live coverage... "It's on!" (Ms. Totenberg was already handicapping the probability of a Democrat filibuster against the new nominee, with the announcement barely five minutes old.)

Of course, I immediately recalled this classic South Park episode, in which Stan and his wannabee breakdancing friends Get Served by some out-of-town upstarts (emphasis added)
Coach: Oh, it's on!
Randy: Nonono, it's not on.
Coach: Whoo, it's on all right!
Randy: It isn't on. Nothing's on. It's off.
Coach: [insistent] It's on!
Randy: I'm keeping my son home on Saturday. I just came by to let you know so you can... put a stop to all this. Goodbye. [turns around and walks away]
Coach: Hold on a second, clamhead! [catches him and blocks his way] You think you can just roll in here and tell us it's not on when it very clearly is on?! You're just trying to make us not practice, aren't you?! Because you KNOW that your kids are goin' down when my kids give them this! Give me some moves out, Girl T! [the girl turns on the boombox] Check this out! [balances on his left hand and bounces around, then stands up] Yeah! You like that?!
OC Leader: Oooo man! [shakes his head]
OC Member 1: Ohhh Lord! [the coach spins on his back, rises to one hand, flips over, and lands doing the splits, then rises to his feet using an imaginary hook]
OC Leader: Oooo, he is gettin' served! [the girl shakes her head]
Fabulous. I think we should ask Judge Alito to show us some funky breaks to the beat during the confirmation hearings.

(Update: Politechnical is hosting the RINO Watering Hole on the Alito nomination.)

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