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19 January 2006

Mister Gato está debajo de la mesa de cocina

I ripped a bunch of "Teach Yourself Spanish" CDs to MP3 a while back, and I've been listening to them when I'm sleepless and bored (¡Yo tengo ganas de aprender cosas nuevas!) so... welcome to Spanish class. (Corrections are invited; many thanks--er, muchas gracias--to Carrie, who speaks pretty great Spanish, for giving me some pointers already.)

Repeat after me:

Mister Gato está debajo de la mesa de cocina.
Mister Gato is under the kitchen table.

Él está esperando para atacar los Chow Chows cuando vienen a comer y beber.
He is lying in wait to attack the Chow Chows when they come to eat and drink.

Esto lo divierte mucho.
This amuses him very much.

Under the Counter Gato
Mister Gato está debajo de la mesa de cocina.

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